Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what your organisation do?
We are a non profit organisation focused on children living in underdeveloped countries to bring them a quality of life to a reasonable standard.
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How big (or small) is your organisation?
Our organisation is really young and still small. We founded it in April 2016 and since then, we have been very active in collecting funds (of course in our free time as the 3 of us and our volunteers have full time jobs).

How do you raise funds?
We personally participate or organise events to raise funds. We spread the word via social media channels, our website and newsletters to people who have already been or still are in contact with us and know about our cause. We are very ambitious and want to grow more and more by involving more people so we can raise more funds to help the less fortunate children.
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Do you have a lot of regular benefactors?
So far we do have 1 sponsor and a couple of regular benefactors, but we are always looking for more in order to achieve the our goals. Nevertheless, we are extremely thankful to them for their effort, support and believing in us.

Do you buy all the needed goods yourself when you have collected enough funds?
Yes indeed! Once we have collected enough funds, along with our work schedule (all of us have a full time job), we travel and personally buy all needed goods for the children.

Do you have contacts in the orphanages or schools where you operate?
We have people that we have personally met and trust, who have volunteered to help us. Every now and again they check and keep us updated on how things are going at the orphanages or schools. We are keeping a close eye on these children and their needs, to better understand how your donations should be spent. Even in this case, we DO NOT give our contacts money, as spending is part of our task to be 100% sure and know where it is going.

What percentage of donations do you spend in charitable actions?
We spend 100% of received donations in charitable actions, like medicines, basic necessities, school materials etc.
We can proudly say that we spend a lot of our own personal money (and time) to achieve the goals of the organisation.
We pay the costs or fees of our fundraising events using our own money where we are personally involved and/or help to run;
We don’t spend a single British penny or Euro cent to cover the cost of flights, accommodations, food or anything  else related to our trip, when we travel to the underdeveloped countries to visit and help the children.

Do you give money to third parties like orphanages, schools or people who act in your behalf?
Absolutely NOT! We do not give any money to third parties. We personally spend the donated money by buying what is needed after we assess what is really necessary for the children. This is a very strict rule which we agreed to be part of our policy when we founded the charity.

How can I trust you and be sure you don’t spend the money I might donate to you for reasons not related to charitable actions?
On request, we are happy to show our bank statement of “money out” to all our donors to ensure full transparency in the way we run our fundraising organisation.

I want to make a donation. What form of payment do you accept? How can I donate?
We accept payments with PayPal, credit/debit cards, cheques and bank transfers.

We have a dedicated page where you can choose how to donate: DONATE NOW.

Can I help you raise some funds for your organisation? What can I do? If necessary, can I get some economical support in case there might be some expenses in running the event?
Yes, you are more than welcome to help us. First of all, get in contact with us to share what you want or can do. If you have no experience in previous fundraising events, we can give you some tips. We will also help to create a dedicated fundraiser page for you, so your family, friends, work colleagues will know about your event, who we are so they can easily donate.
We are happy to support and pay for the expenses of your event, i.e. fees to enter races, buying food and entertainment material at bake sales, school parties, summer fairs etc.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or you can e-mail us at