Water Tank at “The Green Lotus” Home, Malawi

In a recent initiative to improve living conditions of “The Green Lotus” homeless shelter for young girls in Malawi, a project to build a water tower was carried out. The installation of a 2500 litre water tank was deemed necessary to address the shelter’s limited access to water in case of shortages often caused by yearly floods.

The water tank is a large, durable container capable of storing a significant amount of water. Its installation will have a significant impact on the orphanage and its residents. With improved access to clean water, residents no longer have to worry about shortages or disruptions in their water supply.

This, in turn, helps to improve hygiene standards within the shelter and promote overall health and well-being among the girls and the matrons who live there. Furthermore, the installation of the water tank serves as a long-term solution to the shelter’s water needs, reducing the likelihood of future water-related issues.

Overall, the installation of a water tank in the shelter for young homeless girls is a crucial step towards improving living conditions and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. It underscores the importance of access to water as a fundamental human right and showcases the positive impact that simple initiatives can have on vulnerable populations.

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