Who We Are






On 13 April 2016, after deep consideration and genuine motivations, we finally decided to put pen to paper.

We have decided to start a small charity and do everything we can in our spare time to raise funds for the good of unfortunate children living in underdeveloped countries to bring a quality of life to a reasonable standard.

Our aim is to provide anything necessary for these children, from basic necessities to education support such as books, stationary and other school materials.

On 29 June 2016, we finally got the Recognition from HRMC. Children Do Matter is officially a Charitable Company.
On 7 March 2017, we got the official registration from the Charity Commission. Children Do Matter is a Registered Charity in England & Wales No. 1171927.

Visit the page Our Projects if you want to know more of what we are working on. All the updates can be found in our blog and our facebook page.

We spend 100% of received donations on charitable actions. We will NOT give the proceeds of our charity to third parties (organisations or people) because we want to be sure this money will be properly spent.

We ensure full transparency offered in all areas so all donors can be confident in the way we run our fundraising organisation.

For more info about how we operate, please read the FAQ.

Please help us grow by sharing our message.

Thank You