Emotions in Cambodia

In December, between my old job and the new one, I decided to go to Cambodia to volunteer by teaching English in an after-school club in the village of Toak, 10 miles from Siem Reap.

I found myself in a building made of wood, tin roof covered of straw and dirt road. Farm animals such as chickens and chicks, roamed free for the class. In this after-school club, students who are from 5 to 17 years old, pay a monthly fee of 1 US dollar to attend the classes.

after school english class - children do matter

These children come to the after-school club by bike; some are barefoot and with ripped clothes but they have so much desire to learn that do not want to go home. I was very impressed by the fact that they want to work hard and their ambition of a better future.

Among the many children, I met Rattanha, a 13 year old girl. One day I asked her: what do you want to become? She said: I want to study hard and become a doctor to help sick people in Cambodia.

Rossella and Rattanha - children do matter

I brought with me 30 books of Math and English test. I distributed them along with pencils, markers, coloured cardboard, balloons, stickers, cd with songs. With great surprise, the children showing great enthusiasm, completed all the exercises in just 5 days.

It is not easy to express with words the emotions that these children have given me. Humility, Gratitude, Joy is the gift that I have received from them before going back to Europe.

2 Replies to “Emotions in Cambodia”

  1. Wordless Rossella!
    Congratulations, you are very brave and such a good heart xx

    • Thank you so much Janaina for your kind words! Hopefully, I’ll be able to help more those children in the next future.